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Range Information

Rifle Range
Alpine has several options to fire your rifle. Ranges are available at 100, 50, and 30 yards for centerfire rifles. The 50 and 30 yard ranges are also available for your rimfire rifles. 
Handgun Ranges
Our outdoor handgun ranges have target boards that can be adjusted as close as 3 yards and as far as 15 yards.  There are a couple lanes for shotgun familiarity practice.
Reactive Steel Range
There is just something about the ping of Steel! The steel range is available for non-magnum caliber handguns. The range features plate racks, dueling trees, hostage targets, center mass targets, and more!
Shotgun Sports
We boast a huge variety of Shotgun Shooting
  • Skeet
  • Trap
  • Five Stand
  • Manual Traps
  • Sporting Clays
Golf Cart rentals $20
Marksmanship Qualification
Learn how you can qualify to draw from the holster on our private concealed carry course and make 1 hour reservations for private practice times.

Round of Trap


One round of Trap includes 25 targets and one of our trappers to launch the clay pigeons from the trap house.

Combination Steel Pistol & Paper Range Pass


Purchasing the combination Steel/Paper Range Pass provides the customer with access to all of the rifle range lanes & all of the pistol range lanes, including the steel pistol ranges. Kids fourteen years and younger can receive the discounted price...

Adult Pistol Steel Range Only Pass


With the Steel Pistol Range Only Pass you can only shoot the Steel Pistol ranges.  Kids under 14 receive the discounted price of $12.50 for the Steel Pistol ranges. Paper target only range pass is $17.50 but the combination pass is $29.95 which...

Range Pass


Please purchase the range pass at the range to access the rifle and handgun ranges.  If you are eligible to receive a discount,  it is $15.00 plus tax for Active Duty Military, Active Duty Law Enforcement and anyone over 60 years old. ...

Round of Skeet


One round of Skeet includes 25 targets and one of our trappers to launch the clay pigeons from the high and low houses.

Rent a Spotting Scope


The spotting scope can help identify exactly where the bullets are impacting the target.  Using one for practice is highly encouraged.

Rent the Lab Radar


The lab radar helps reloaders measure the velocity of the bullets coming out of their rifles without concern of firing through one of the old designed "vane" type chronographs, or by attaching one of the magnetic chronograph that attaches directly to the...

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