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Muzzleloader Bullets



Hornady Xtp, Horn 6720 Sabot 50-44-240 Hpxtp 20


Effective in both traditional and modern muzzleloading rifles, these green saboted projectiles use the xtp bullet which is specifically designed for deep penetration and proper expansion at all practical muzzleloading velocities.Caliber: 50 Black...

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Horn 6620 Gr Pl Maxi 50 385 Hbhp 20


The great plains bullet features a pre-scored, hollow point for controlled expansion, a short ogive to minimize bullet drag and increase the ballistic coefficient, and a bearing surface with three diameters to ensure optimum contact area and a snug fit...

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Horn 67274 50c Low Drag Sab 250gmx 20


Specifically engineered to provide phenomenal accuracy, penetration and high weight retention, the monoflex ml is a nontraditional/alternative metal construction bullet option that is a fantastic choice for all hunters.At the heart of the monoflex ml is...

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Cva Ac1598 Powerbelt 50 295 Ld 15


With powerbelt bullets, you are shooting a muzzleloading bullet designed specifically for muzzleloading rifles, as opposed to a pistol bullet adapted to fit a muzzleloader.Unlike sabots, powerbelt bullets are full caliber sized, easy to load, and do not...

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Trad A1647 Revlvr Round Ball .451 100


Traditions revolver round ball black powder ammunition is perfectly sized for superior accuracy and performance.The round balls are pure lead and precision swaged.Caliber: 44 Black PowderBullet Type: Lead BallBullet Weight: 140 grRounds Per Box:...

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