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Gun Services


Gun Services

Handgun Cleaning
Thorough cleaning of handgun including chamber, action and magazine well / revolver cylinder.
$35.00 - may be more depending on condition of firearm.
Long Gun Cleaning
Thorough cleaning of the action, chamber, stock and barrel.
$45.00 - may be more depending on condition of firearm.
Bore Sighting Service
Bore sighting a firearm typically takes between 5 and 15 minutes.
$8.00 - does not include remounting the scope if it is not capable of being correctly boresighted as mounted.
Scope Mounting
Scope mounting includes bore sighting. Scope mounting and boresighting are provided free when you purchase both the firearm and scope from Alpine Range.
Barrel Break-in Service
When you purchase a new rifle, you can add this service to your total. By having our shooting experts break in your barrel you are maximizing the accuracy potential of your new firearm.

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