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Garmin 0100261810 XERO C1 PRO Chronograph


Whether you're handloading for the range or building arrows for the hunt, the Xero C1 Pro chronograph provides the speed data you need to hone your craft. At the size of a deck of cards the chronograph will reliably pick up your shots at velocities...

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Barnes Bullets

Barnes Bullets Tsx, Brns 30334 .308 150 Tsx Fn 50


Barnes' tsx (triple-shock x) bullet features include all-copper construction, no fragmentation, 28% deeper penetration than lead core bullets, and maximum weight retention.The tsx bullet has multiple, precisely engineered rings cut into the bullet shank,...

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Hornady Lock-n-load, Horn 392610 Shell Plate #10


Shell plates for lock-n-load ap and projector are available to fit most calibers.Each shell plate will also hold additional calibers with the same case head dimensions.Current shell plates are designed to fit lock-n-load ap (both ez-ject and wire ejector...

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Hornady Xtp, Horn 35580 Bull 9mm 147 Hpxtp 100


Designed for hunting, self-defense and law enforcement applications, the xtp bullet demonstrates the kind of accuracy that led many competitive shooters to adopt it.The stopping power of the xtp bullet has a truly built its world-class reputation.Precise...

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Hornady V-max, Horn 22265 Bull .224 53 Vmax 100


The dramatic fragmentation of the v-max bullet comes from a combination of the gilding metal jacket, specially designed core and polymer tip.The polymer tip and streamlined design results in flat trajectories, while the concentrically of the match grade...

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