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Reflex & Holographic


Sousa Optics



SOUSA OPTICS R.A.I.D. Pistol Dot  Our New raid pistol dot is a compact powerhouse. The wide lens and thin frame provide a wide open and unobstructed sight picture while the bright 3MOA dot presents a crisp, precise aiming point. The design of the...

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Holosun HS403B Micro Red Dot 2moa Shake Awake

$205.87 $144.99

The hs403b is a 20mm micro optical sight designed for rifle and carbine applications. Features include 12 brightness settings-10 daylight & 2 night vision; Holosun's green super led with up to 50k hours battery life; parallax free and unlimited eye...

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Ncstar Vism, Nc Vdbsolc Reddot Spd Solar


The vism solar powered combat red dot optic is a compact reddot optic packed with many desirable features.The optic include these features: dual power source from solar cells to power the red dot reticle from the sun or a single aaa battery, electronic...

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Riton Optics X3, Riton 3tard X3 Tactix Ard


Specifically designed for the ar platform the lightweight x.3 tactix red dot comes with a lower third co- witness qd mount.You'll find that quick target acquisition is easy with a 25 mm objective and the 2 moa red dot allows for precision work to be done...

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U.s. Optics Tsr-1x, Usoptics Tsr-1x Red Dot 5moa


The tsr-1x offers a true 1x, 5 moa red dot that makes positive target acquisition a breeze.Designed for tactical use, the tsr-1x features 12 illumination settings, including 3-night vision compatible levels.The wide field of view and unlimited eye relief...

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Riton Optics X1, Riton 1tard X1 Tactix Ard


The x1 tactix is riton's most versatile red dot optic, whether you're mounting it to an ar, ak, a shotgun, or a pistol. Featuring the riton 2 moa ultra-precise red dot, it also comes with three interchangeable mounts to find the perfect mounting height...

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