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Maintenance & Storage



Tipton Best, Tipton 181181 Best Gun Vise


Tipton's best gun vise features non-marring contact surfaces.The components adjusts to accommodate different firearms and projects.Its l-shape center post moves where you need it and stiff solvent resistant nylon stands up to years of hard use.Type: Gun...

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Tacfire Ar15, Tacfire Tlc-1 Ar15 Armorers Kit


Tacfire's ar15 armorer's kit is ideal for the home builder looking to build up a new rifle or service their existing weapon.The upper vise block is compatible with standard mil-spec 5.56 upper receivers and holds it in place.The lower vise block is...

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Otis Ripcord, Otis Fg-rc-325 22 Cal Ripcord


Otis' ripcord has unrivaled one-pass cleaning and cleans from breech-to-muzzle.The helix shape engages rifling through the barrel, while the molded rubberized core and nomex fibers act as both a brush to loosen and a patch to capture fouling particles.It...

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