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32 S&W Long


Magtech 32s&w Long 98gr Jhp 50/1000


Jacketed Hollow Point ammunition delivers controlled expansion and excellent accuracy in both self-defense and hunting applications.Features :32 S&W Long778 Feet per second98 Grain jacketed hollow point50 Rounds per box

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Magtech 32s&w Long 98gr Lrn 50/1000


"Lead Round Nose projectiles offer the shooter a traditional"" low cost option for range and plinking use. Ideal for use in revolvers.Features :32 S&W Long705 Feet per second98 Grain lead round nose50 Rounds per box"

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Prvi Partizan

Ppu 32 S&w Long Lrn 98gr 50/500


PPU handgun ammunition is available in many popular calibers for pistols and revolver style handguns. PPU handgun ammunition is brass cased" non-corrosive boxer primed and features improved bullet designs which result in greater energy" performance"...

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Sellier & Bellot

S&b 32sw Long 100gr 50/1000


Lead Wadcutter and Lead Semi-Wadcutter projectiles are a very popular choice for target shooting. The versatile design produces excellent accuracy and delivers precision paper-cutting performance.Features :32 S&W Long735 Feet per second100 Grain...

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